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ASKtoAI Video: turn your audio into animated avatars

Create engaging stories with animated avatars thanks to AI

Animate your ideas with AI.

Speak to

your audience

like never before!

With ASKtoAI Video, your voice takes shape: generate or upload an audio file and animate your avatar.

Welcome to the era of AI-driven animation. ASKtoAI Video gives you the key to a new world of possibilities, turning your audio files into engaging videos. Using ASKtoAI Voice, you can generate audio that can be loaded into ASKtoAI Video to bring your customised avatar to life.

How It Works

ASKtoAI Video.


Select or create Avatar

To begin, you need an avatar, the character who will speak in your video. There are three ways to choose an avatar.

Option 1: Choose one of the predefined avatars provided by ASKtoAI

Option 2: Create your own customised avatar with ASKtoAI Image

Option 3: Use an avatar previously created with ASKtoAI Image

Why Choose ASKtoAI Video

Personalised and immersive

animated avatars


Animated voice

Personalise your content with a talking avatar, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Make your message unique and capture the attention of your audience.


Customised audio

Create your own customised audio with ASKtoAI Voice or upload an existing audio file. Animate your stories and ideas with a unique and engaging voice.


Creativity without limits

Become a true content creator, no technical skills required. Unleash your imagination by choosing or customising your avatars.


Fast production

Turn your audio file into a video in just a few steps. Creating visual and engaging content has never been so quick and easy.


Global reach

Speak to your audience in any language. ASKtoAI Video facilitates communication with an international audience by breaking language barriers.


Increase conversions

Give your content a special touch with animated avatars. Besides being engaging, they are a powerful tool for increasing conversions and stimulating interaction with your audience.

Turn your ideas into engaging visual content with just a few clicks.

Set your creativity in motion in a

variety of contexts



Customer Care




Animated avatars can take online classes to a new level of engagement. Trainers can simulate the face-to-face interactions that are missing in online sessions, making them more personal and engaging.



Corporate presentations with animated avatars can bring a new perspective to your internal or external communication. Avatars can bring data to life, making presentations less dry and more engaging.


Customer Care

Animated avatars can be a great tool for providing specific instructions to customers. Support videos can illustrate troubleshooting steps or show how to use particular features of a product.


News and Sport

With ASKtoAI Video, news networks can create an interactive and engaging newscast. Animated avatars can present the news in a fun and engaging format, attracting a wide viewer base. Using different avatars for various news segments can add a unique touch.

You ask. We answer.

What is ASKtoAI Video?

ASKtoAI Video is an artificial intelligence tool that turns audio files into engaging videos. Animate your customised avatar with your voice, creating animated avatars for engaging stories.

Do I need technical skills to use ASKtoAI Video?

Can I customise the avatar in ASKtoAI Video?

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Animate your messages with customised avatars

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