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A set of tools that use artificial intelligence to help you create content quickly for blogs, social media, announcements, online shops, and websites.

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AI Tools for Copywriters

As a copywriter, you know that the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to creating high-quality content. That's why we've put together this collection of the best tools for copywriters, so you can find everything you need in one place.
From title generators to Full Blog Article Generator, there's something here for every stage of the writing process. And with our editorial calendar ideas, you'll be able to plan and publish your content with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the collection now and see how these tools can help you take your writing to the next level.

AI Tools for Web Agency

For a web agency, one of the most important aspects of the job is the ability to generate content quickly and efficiently. This is where artificial intelligence can help you.
Thanks to our tools you can generate keywords, create company slogans and generate product descriptions that convert

AI Tools for Social Media Managers

As a social media manager, you need to be able to find the right tools to take your work to the next level. There are many tools available: Facebook post generator, hashtag generator, title generator. The right tool will depend on your needs.

AI Tools for Students

Tools for students based on artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular. With the help of AI, students can now access a range of resources to improve their learning experience and academic performance. AI-based tools can provide personalized guidance, offer real-time feedback and support, and even automate tedious tasks.

AI Chat by ASKtoAI

Two ways to drive AI

ASKtoAI's AI Chat service offers two main ways that allow users to guide artificial intelligence in the content generation process:

Prompts provided by ASKtoAI: This option provides users with a set of pre-established prompts, ensuring that the AI ​​generates content that is consistent with the indications provided. Ideal for those who want a quick and easy experience for creating great content.

User-entered prompts: In this mode, the user has the ability to create and enter their own prompts, giving you more control over the direction and quality of the generated content. It is perfect for users who require more flexibility and customization in the content generation process.

Choose the power of your AI engine

AI Chat by ASKtoAI offers different AI engine options to meet the different needs of users. The service uses an AI Credits system to determine costs based on actual usage. Available options include:

GPT-3.5 Turbo: Costing 5 AI credits per request, this engine is ideal for getting content faster and more efficiently than previous versions.

GPT-4: At a cost of 20 AI credits per request, this engine is capable of generating longer, more accurate text to meet more complex user needs.

The AI ​​Credits system allows users to pay only for the effective use of the service, making it flexible and convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AsktoAI is a website that provides users with tools that use AI to quickly solve a variety of tasks. The website was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who saw the potential of AI technology to help people with their everyday tasks. 

The website offers a variety of tools that can help with things like generating hashtags, facebook posts, business slogans. 

The team behind AsktoAI is constantly working on new ways to use AI to help people, and the website is constantly expanding its offerings. If you're looking for a way to use AI to make your life easier, AsktoAI is a great resource.

AsktoAI is a platform that offers AI-powered services to help you perform a wide range of tasks and activities. Here are some of the things AsktoAI can do for you:

  1. Answer questions: AsktoAI can provide quick and accurate answers to questions on various topics, such as facts, general information, advice, and guidance.
  2. Text generation: AsktoAI can assist you in creating content, such as articles, blogs, social media posts, and product descriptions, based on your specific inputs and requests.
  3. Research and synthesis: AsktoAI can conduct research and synthesize information on a wide range of topics, saving you time and energy in finding relevant information.
  4. Languages and translations: AsktoAI can understand and interact in different languages, offering the ability to translate texts and communicate with users speaking different languages.
  5. Creativity and brainstorming: AsktoAI can provide you with creative ideas and suggestions, ideal for brainstorming, project development, and innovative solutions.
  6. Decision-making support: AsktoAI can provide information and analysis to help you make informed and well-considered decisions more easily.
  7. Task automation: AsktoAI can automate a variety of tasks, such as email management, event planning, and creating reminders, making life more organized and efficient.
  8. Education and tutoring: AsktoAI can offer educational support and tutoring in a variety of subjects and skills, including explanations, resources, and advice to enhance your understanding and abilities.

It's important to note that the effectiveness and accuracy of the responses and activities carried out by AsktoAI depend on multiple factors, such as the quality of the inputs and the limitations of artificial intelligence. By using the platform effectively and providing appropriate inputs, AsktoAI can become a valuable tool for improving your productivity, creativity, and learning.

AsktoAI is a platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence models, such as GPT-3 and potentially GPT-4 when available, to offer a wide range of services and features to users. 

By integrating these powerful language models, AsktoAI is able to understand and generate responses based on users' queries in various contexts. 

When using AI chat, users may have options to choose between different model capacities and token limits depending on the platform's configurations. 

For other tools provided by the platform, the AsktoAI team selects and sets up the most suitable model to achieve the best results for each specific situation. This enables AsktoAI to provide users with high-quality, accurate, and efficient assistance in different domains and use-cases.

Yes, AsktoAI offers a free trial with 500 AI-Credits that can be used for all our tools.

The benefits of using AsktoAI include:

  1. Quick and accurate responses: With the use of advanced artificial intelligence models, AsktoAI can provide quick and accurate answers to a wide range of questions and requests.
  2. Wide range of applications: AsktoAI can assist in various areas, such as content creation, information research, text translation, brainstorming, and task automation.
  3. Multilingual support: AsktoAI is capable of understanding and interacting with users who speak different languages, facilitating international communication and translations.
  4. Efficiency and productivity: By utilizing AsktoAI to automate certain tasks and provide real-time assistance, you can improve efficiency and productivity in your daily activities.
  5. Accessibility: AsktoAI is designed to be easily accessible and usable by a wide variety of users, regardless of their technical expertise.
  6. Personalization: AsktoAI can be used for specific purposes based on user needs and preferences, making the platform adaptable to different situations.
  7. Continuous improvement: Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and user feedback, AsktoAI can continue to improve over time, delivering increasingly accurate and relevant results.

By using AsktoAI, users can leverage advanced artificial intelligence models to enhance their experience in various areas, obtain quick and accurate answers, and maximize their productivity.

AsktoAI offers a variety of useful services and applications for users, including:

  1. Content creation tools: These tools are designed to help users generate various types of text content, such as articles, product descriptions, social media posts, business slogans, and more. By utilizing AI, these tools can create tailored content according to users' needs.
  2. AI Editor app: The AI Editor app is an application that enables users to edit and refine their textual content with the assistance of artificial intelligence. It can suggest improvements in the text structure, provide ideas for expanding or deepening certain topics, and correct grammar and syntax errors.
  3. AI Chat app: The AI Chat app is an AI-based chat service that helps users get quick and accurate answers to their questions. It can be used to discuss various topics, solve problems, or provide suggestions and ideas. The AI Chat app is capable of interacting with users in different languages, facilitating international communication and translations.

These services offered by AsktoAI can support users in developing high-quality content, boosting efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

ASKtoAI supported all major languages.

Sometimes, the results provided by artificial intelligence models, like those used by AsktoAI, might be incorrect for various reasons:

  1. Model limitations: AI models, even if advanced, have limitations in understanding context and nuances of language, which can lead to incorrect or misleading answers.
  2. Language ambiguity: Human language is often ambiguous and can have multiple meanings. As a result, the AI might misinterpret user intentions and provide unsuitable results.
  3. Inaccurate information in training: AI models are trained on large amounts of text data, and sometimes these sources can include incorrect, outdated, or misleading information. Therefore, AI might rely on wrong information while generating answers.
  4. Unclear questions and input: If the question or context provided by the user isn't clear or specific, AI can struggle to correctly interpret the request and produce appropriate results.

To obtain better results, it is advisable to formulate clear and detailed questions and, if necessary, provide more context or information about the situation. If the results provided are unsatisfactory, you can repeat the question or further clarify your intent to obtain a more accurate answer.

Providing the right inputs to the AI system is crucial for obtaining accurate and relevant responses. Here are some tips for providing appropriate inputs to the AI system:

  1. Be specific and clear: When asking a question or requesting information, try to be as specific and clear as possible. This helps the AI better understand your request and provide a suitable response.
  2. Context: Provide all relevant information and necessary context for your question. This may include details about a specific topic, a company, or a project. Adding this information can improve the quality of the AI's responses.
  3. Order of information: Present the information in a logical and coherent order. Organizing the inputs can help the AI accurately understand the context and relationships between the different parts of the input.
  4. Use keywords: Utilize relevant keywords when formulating questions or requests. This helps the AI quickly and accurately identify the subject and nature of the information requested.
  5. Avoid ambiguity: Frame questions and requests to avoid ambiguity or multiple interpretations. In the case of complex or multi-part questions, break them down into smaller, simpler inquiries.
  6. Appropriate language and terminology: Use appropriate language and specific terminology related to the topic or request. This helps the AI recognize the subject and provides a basis for a more accurate response.
  7. Review and verify: Before submitting an input to the AI, review and check that it is complete, clear, and free of errors. A well-written input can significantly improve the quality of the responses you receive from the AI.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to provide effective and appropriate inputs to the AI system, thereby improving the quality and relevance of the responses you receive.

AI Chat from ASKtoAI is a virtual assistance service based on artificial intelligence. The system is designed to automatically answer users' questions and provide real-time assistance in various areas. ASKtoAI uses the latest technologies in Natural Language Processing and machine learning to understand and answer questions accurately and efficiently.

To interact with ASKtoAI's AI Chat on the domain chat.asktoai.com, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website: Open your favourite browser and visit chat.asktoai.com.
  • Write your question: In the centre of the page, you will see a text area where you can write your question.
  • Press the "AskToAI" button: After entering your question, press the "AskToAI" button to send your request to the ASKtoAI artificial intelligence.

AI Chat from ASKtoAI offers several options for using artificial intelligence models. The cost in AI Credits varies depending on the model chosen:

  • If using Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo, the cost is 5 AI Credits per use.
  • If using GPT-4, the cost is 20 AI Credits per use.

The difference in cost between the two models is due to the fact that GPT-4 is considered more powerful than Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo. This means that GPT-4 has a significantly higher language processing and understanding capacity than the previous model. This increased power translates into more accurate, faster and efficient responses for users. In addition, GPT-4 is able to address a wider range of issues and generate higher quality content than Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo.

Prompts in AI Chat are questions or instructions that users provide to the AI to get answers or perform certain actions. They act as inputs to guide the conversation and help the AI understand exactly what information or assistance the user is looking for.

To make interaction with ASKtoAI's AI Chat easier, some examples of prompts already made are provided. These examples can be used as a starting point for users to better understand how to formulate their specific questions or requests. The prompt examples also facilitate interaction for less experienced users and enable them to quickly obtain the information they need without necessarily having to formulate complex and precise questions.

AI Chat from ASKtoAI, while being a chat based on artificial intelligence, was designed with a specific focus on professional applications rather than entertainment or casual dialogue.

The main goal of AI Chat by ASKtoAI is to improve and optimise work activities by providing assistance and precise answers in real time, which is indispensable in a professional environment.

Therefore, we recommend that you use AI Chat by ASKtoAI for business purposes and make the most of its potential to enhance your productivity and work, rather than for recreational or leisure use.

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