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ASKtoAI Personality: create content with your distinctive style.

Train AI to write in your personal tone

Unique imprint for your content

The AI that perfectly captures

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Unique Communication Style

With ASKtoAI Personality, you not only create content, you customise it by adapting your communication style. Whether you prefer formal or informal, energetic or calm communication, ASKtoAI allows you to instruct the system to write in your own style.


Respect Brand Values

ASKtoAI Personality maintains the essence of your brand. Convey your core values through your writing, ensuring that every piece of content you produce reflects what your brand stands for. Promote your brand or company consistently.


Communicate with your target audience

With ASKtoAI Personality, you can customise your content not only according to your style, but also to your target audience. The AI will generate texts that resonate with your audience, taking into account their background, preferences and information already available.

Define your style, then let AI write

How to Use


Discover How ASKtoAI Personality Works: Personalisation and Precision at the Service of Your Brand


Brand/Company Information

Defining your brand starts here

The first step in using Personality is to configure your brand information. Log into Personality and enter:

  • Company Name: enter your brand or company name.
  • Website: the link to your brand's website goes here.
  • Brief company description: briefly describe your brand, the products or services you offer.
  • Main keywords: list here the most significant keywords related to your brand.
  • Brand values: what values your company or brand represents.
  • Brand personality: describe your brand personality, how you would like your brand to be perceived.

Creating a Custom Tone of Voice

Give your brand a unique tone of voice

After you have completed the brand configuration, access the section for creating your customised tone of voice. Upload a short text representing the tone you want for your brand. The analysis of this text allows us to generate a customised and unique tone of writing for your brand.


Use Personality in chats and tools

Apply your tone in chats and tools

Once your customised tone is ready, it's time to use it! You can activate Personality in chats and tools by simply pressing the activation button. Now, every time ASKtoAI generates content for you, it will stick to the tone you set, ensuring that all your content is uniform, consistent and accurately reflects your brand personality.

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What is ASKtoAI Personality?

ASKtoAI Personality is a feature that allows you to instruct the AI to write in a personal tone. This ensures that each piece of content produced reflects the unique tone of voice of your brand or business.

How can I create a customised tone with ASKtoAI Personality?

Can I customise my content according to my target audience?

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