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ASKtoAI Memory: store, extract and generate from your data

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Efficiency in Every Output

ASKtoAI Memory frees you from repeating the same details over and over again. Unique and intelligent archiving allows you to create relevant content from your documents with one click. Reduced production time, enhanced content quality.


Guaranteed Brand Consistency

Your brand is unique and must always stand out. With ASKtoAI Memory, you can maintain your unique style across all communication channels. Any article, social media post or product description will always be traceable to your brand identity.


Secure and Protected Data

Your brand data is valuable and with ASKtoAI Memory it is safe. It is never used to train third-party AI models and is encrypted both in transit and inactive. Confidentiality is never in question with ASKtoAI.

Evaluate the power of ASKtoAI Memory, the ideal asset for your brand!

How to Use


Find out how to use the full potential of ASKtoAI Memory to improve your brand content management

Step 1 Memory

Upload your files

Upload your documents and organise with ease

Don't waste any more time on research! Upload all your brand-related files to the Memory section. You can upload documents in any text format (pdf, txt, csv), or quickly import text from a link. Enjoy the convenience of having all your brand's key information just a click away.

Step 2 memory

Activate Memory

Activate Memory and select your documents

Once you have uploaded your data, you are ready to activate Memory. Select the folder, document or tag you wish to use as the basis for creating new content. Memory will open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to generate content that faithfully reflects your brand.

Step 3 memory

Create your Content

Generate relevant content with a single click

The last step is the most exciting. After activating Memory, start generating content in chat or use our tools with Memory enabled. By doing so, you will have a continuous stream of high-quality content perfectly aligned with your brand.

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What does ASKtoAI Memory do?

ASKtoAI Memory is a service that allows you to create powerful, branded content using your own data. Intelligent storage enables you to obtain relevant content with one click, based on saved and selected documents, reducing production time and improving content quality.

How do I upload my files to ASKtoAI Memory?

How to activate ASKtoAI Memory?

How does ASKtoAI Memory protect my data?

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