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ASKtoAI Tools: Summarize Text

Effectively summarize any text

Summarize on the fly with ease
Summarize text

Quickly summarise content-rich documents.

If you are looking for a way to save time without losing essential content, look no further! 'Summarize Text' is here for you. This tool summarizes crucial information from your texts while preserving the original context. Designed for summarizing and analyzing documents of all kinds, it is aimed at students, journalists, editors and readers

What is it for?

Extract key concepts, making the most critical passages of a text understandable

"Summarize Text' is the secret weapon for quickly obtaining essential information from texts. It deftly reduces long and complex documents into short summaries, keeping the heart of the subject matter. Ideal for those who need to assimilate a lot of information quickly.

How does it work ?

How to use the Summarize text tool

Summarize Text uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm to identify and summarize the most important ideas and facts of a text

Step 1 - Log in to ASKtoAI

Access the ASKtoAI platform and enter the Tools section.

Step 2 - Select the tool

Select the "Summarize Text" tool from the list.

Step 3 - Enter the text

Enter the text you wish to summarize in the space provided and then click on the button.

Step 4 - Watch our AI at work

Wait while our AI processes your text and generates a summary of your text.


Your summary is ready.

Use Cases

When to use the Summarize text tool

Here are three use cases of the Text Summary tool:

To make a timely review of your studies

If you are a student who needs to quickly understand a series of scientific articles or historical documents, Text Summaries can help you get an instant overview, focusing on key information.

To summarise press releases

When you are writing a press release, Text Summary can help you focus on the main idea of the article to develop your arguments and criticism.

To make a summary for books or presentations

If you need to summarise book presentations or quickly identify topics, Text Summary can be your ideal tool.

FAQs Tool Summarize Text

Who can use the Text Summarize tool?

Anyone who needs to summarize large amounts of text in a short time. This can include students, journalists, publishers, bloggers, and many others.

Is it safe to use the Text Summarize tool to summarize sensitive documents?

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