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ASKtoAI Tools: Article Structure Generator

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Article structure generator

Create clear, effectively structured articles.

Discover the Article Structure Generator, the must-have tool for creating high-quality content. This automated software is designed to generate article outlines based on your input. Not only does it find appropriate headings and subheadings, but it also gives you a set of keywords for each paragraph that are useful in organizing your article consistently and effectively.

What is it for?

An indispensable tool for authors

The Article Structure Generator serves to optimize and speed up the writing process. It helps in writing unique, high-quality and SEO-friendly content, increases user engagement and improves search engine rankings.

How does it work ?

How to use the Article Structure Generator tool

Our tool, helps you make a real step-by-step guide for topic writing, just enter the keyword or title of the article you want to write and the tool will provide the outline.

Step 1 - Log in to ASKtoAI

Access the ASKtoAI platform and enter the Tools section.

Step 2 - Select the tool

Select the tool "Article Structure Generator" from the list.

Step 3 - Enter the title of the article.

Enter the keyword or title of the article you want to write

Step 4 - Choose Language and Generate

Select the language in which to generate the structure for your article and click the button.


The system produces a series of paragraph titles, linked to the keywords, that will be used to structure your article.

Use Cases

When to use the Article Structure Generator

Here are three use cases of the "Article Structure Generator" tool:

To optimize your blog

Create consistent and engaging articles for your blog in minutes.

To improve your SEO

Well-structured articles improve your website's search engine rankings.

To create educational materials

Offers valuable help in writing term papers and any other school materials.

FAQs Tool Article Structure Generator

What is the Article Structure Generator by ASKtoAI?

The Article Structure Generator is a tool by ASKtoAI that assists in generating article schematics based on user inputs. This tool generates proper titles, subtitles, and a set of keywords for each paragraph, enhancing your content organization.

What are the benefits of the Article Structure Generator?

Does the Article Structure Generator produce content or just the structure?

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