Knowing how to come up with interesting and relevant guest post themes is key to increasing your company's visibility and developing relationships with industry blogs and websites.

This tutorial provides a simple and professional method for generating guest post theme ideas using the AI Chat prompt on the ASKtoAI platform.

Through a series of clear and well-structured steps, the tutorial guides you through the process of entering relevant information and obtaining three relevant theme ideas suitable for your niche market.

Undoubtedly, following this tutorial will enable you to come up with quality content that reinforces your company's reputation and increases its presence in your specific industry. Follow these steps to get useful results consistent with your niche market.

Step 1: Log on to the ASKtoAI platform.

Visit the ASKtoAI website and log in to the platform using your credentials. If you are not yet registered, create a free account.

Step 2: Select the AI Chat prompt

After logging in, click on AI Chat of ASKtoAI and look for the window of available "Prompts."

From the Prompts of AI Chat select from the Digital PR category and select this"Guest post" prompt by clicking on it.

Step 3: Fill in the variables.

Once you have selected the prompt, you will see some blank fields where you will need to enter the relevant information. Here are the variables to fill in:

  • {nicchia_o_sector}: The specific niche or industry in which the company you wish to propose guest posts for operates.
  • {company_name}: The name of the company for which you are generating guest post ideas.

Enter the relevant information in the corresponding fields.

Step 4: Get the desired responses

After filling in the variables, click on the "ASKtoAI" button to get the three guest post theme ideas.

The system will process the information entered and provide three relevant and interesting topics for you to propose to blogs in the industry specified for the company in question.

You can now use the AI Chat prompt on ASKtoAI to easily generate guest post themes that are relevant and suitable for your niche market.

This can help you establish relationships with industry blogs and increase your company's visibility.

Remember, if you want to make additional changes, you can always redo the process and update the variables to your liking.