A news generator that offers users the ability to write a news story quickly and easily. The system uses artificial intelligence to write a real article from simple inputs or an existing news story.

Users can fill in the various elements with the information needed to complete the news item.

ASKtoAI also offers a number of advanced editing tools that allow users to further customize the news item. In addition, the service can be used to check the grammar and correctness of the text before publication.

With these features, ASKtoAI can help everyone, from professional journalists to beginners, write quality news.

The News Generator is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to write a news story. It offers a wide range of editing and text quality control options, making it easier and faster to write a quality news story.

A great tool for writing quality news quickly and efficiently.

With ASKtoAI, writing a news story becomes easier and faster.

How Does the News Generator Work?

The news generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to understand key concepts and rework the news. It is software that can analyze available information, process it, and produce unique and original content.

The news generator can be used by anyone who needs to create quality content without having to spend hours writing articles.

Thanks to its ability to understand key concepts, the news generator is able to provide relevant and interesting content.

With its advanced features, users can customize content according to their preferences and get quality results in a matter of minutes.

How to generate the article by providing some inputs

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now generate articles quickly and easily.

Just enter some information such as: location of the event, date, happened, any keywords you would like to use.

The News generator processes the news with the tone of voice you have chosen.

For example, if you are trying to create an article about the opening of a new restaurant in your city, you can provide the information needed to generate an interesting article. You can also conveniently enter this information via voice command.

Example of use:


Next Opening Restaurant in Lecce,
restaurant name: Il Buon Cibo,
date: 22/03/2023,
kilometer 0 products typical of salento.
During the opening, typical appetizers will be tasted


Il Buon Cibo, a new restaurant in Lecce, will open its doors on March 22, 2023. The restaurant will offer kilometer 0 products typical of Salento, and during the inauguration, typical appetizers will be tasted.

The opening of this new restaurant is great news for all lovers of Salento cuisine. Buon Cibo promises to be a place where you can enjoy the authentic flavors of the local culinary tradition.

Guests will have the opportunity to taste dishes prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients that come directly from the surrounding countryside. An unmissable opportunity to discover the flavors of the Salento land.

We are looking forward to trying Good Food's specialties! If you are curious to find out what this new restaurant has in store for you, don't miss the grand opening scheduled for March 22, 2023.

You will also be able to choose the tone of voice to use, such as the "joyful" tone used in the example above.

In this way, you can get a well-written and original article, without having to spend hours writing.

Moreover, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, there will be no repeated sentences in the text, thus ensuring unique and original content.

Generating an article with artificial intelligence is quick and easy: it only takes a few minutes to get a quality result!

How to generate the article starting from the content an existing news story

Generating an article from an existing news story is very simple.

In this case, you can also use the Web Page Text Extractor tool. This is a tool that will allow you to quickly extract the content of web pages, without necessarily having to copy it manually.

You will just enter the news url or paste it in, and the system will automatically take the text to generate the news.

Once you get the text, you will be ready to create your article!

Within minutes you will have created a new piece of original content, without having to spend hours and hours writing from scratch. You can then devote yourself to other more important tasks.

Generating an article from an existing news story is a quick and effective way to produce quality content.

What are you waiting for? Start creating your own articles from existing news!

It will be fun and rewarding to see how you can turn a news story into an interesting and original article.