ASKtoAI is an excellent writing tool that helps users create quality content in less time. It offers a wide range of features, including text reformulation, paragraph generator, editorial plan ideas, text summarization, title generator, product description, SEO keywords, company slogans, and article structures. It also offers predefined templates that can be customized according to users' needs.

How to write an article with ASKtoAI

ASKtoAI is a platform that allows you to write articles quickly and easily.

The first step is to decide where you want to start: do you already have the article title, do you know what you want to write about but don't have the title yet, or do you have no idea what to write about but need an article? Once you have decided, you can access the AI Editor, an intelligent text editor that helps you compose the article in minutes. The editor uses an advanced algorithm to generate unique, repetition-free content with a compelling tone.

You can choose the language you want to write the article in, and the editor will take care of the rest.

Tools used in the Tutorial

  • Article Structure Generator
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Product Description Generator
  • SEO Keywords Extractor
  • AI Editor

Step 1: Login to the platform

Log in to create a free membership and use the 500 Free AI Credits that will be credited to you; If you are already a customer, log in.

Step 2: Login to the AI Editor.

Once you log in to the AI Editor page you will have all the tools on your left.

You can use the tools individually or through the AI Editor. With the editor you can compose your article using all the tools in the suite, without changing pages and being able to format the text as you like.

Step 3: Decide where you want to start.

CASE 1: I only have the title of the article.

Okay, you know where to start, in this case we use the Article Structure Generator tool.

Once you have entered the title in the AI-Editors you simply select the tool, click on ASKtoAI and this tool will provide you with an article structure in seconds. You will be able to edit it, add paragraphs, or keywords to suit your purpose.

Once we have our article paragraphs, let's start having ASKtoAI write them using the Paragraph Generator tool.

Select the paragraph title including keywords and from the Editors AI toolbar select the Paragraph Generator tool. To your right will appear the paragraph title and associated keywords. If you need to make changes you can make them here before clicking on ASKtoAI.

In this specific example we will also use the Product Description Generator, and have an article generated where the Paragraph Generator tool will be useful in combination with the Product Description Generator

In this section you can choose the tone of voice, the language, the person with whom to address the audience. Once you click on ASKtoAI the tool will generate the required text.

CASE 2: I have the title of the article with the various H2s and paragraphs I want to insert.

In this case we enter the title in the AI Editor, and write the various H2s in the text, with the keywords important to the topic we want to cover. In the video below we used the most common Search Intent related to the keyword Professional Makeup Kit, adding the keywords using the SEO Keywords Extrator tool. The system in a few seconds generates the text.

Example of the custom text to write select:

What is the most complete smartwatch?
Keywords: smartwatch with more features, better for fitness, apps

By continuing in this way, your page will be included with the title and the various H2s to be covered.

Once we have our "guideline" ready we will start composing the various paragraphs, in this case we will just select title and keywords and click on the magic wand in the AI Editor toolbar or select the tool we want to use.

CASE 3: I do not have the title of the article but have decided only on the topic I want to write about.

No problem. In this case we will start with the Editorial Plan Ideas Generator.

Click on the "Editorial Plan Ideas" tool. , enter one or more keywords of the topic you want to cover, and click on ASKtoAi. The system will suggest 20 titles for you to use to write your article(s).

Once you have the title as per step 1 you will need to decide on the paragraph titles that will make up the article for your blog. You may decide to choose the titles yourself, because you already know the topics you want to cover, or because you use software that tells you the main search intents of users, or ask ASKtoAI to generate the article guide line with the Article Structure Generator tool

Step 4: Compose your article

Use AI Editor to compose your article, layout it and download it in word format or keep it in ASKtoAI's document management. Correct the text for any misinterpretation or duplicate parts by AI.