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Revolutionary AI Writing: Faster, Easier, Better

Cut down the time you invest in copywriting and research with ASKtoAI AI writer. Our AI article writer can generate long form SEO-friendly content in minutes, not hours!

Craft in-depth contents that will place high in search engines with the help of AI Writer.

Generate long blog articles in seconds

ASKtoAI is an AI writing assistant that can help you generate long blog articles in seconds. Our AI-powered tool uses natural language processing to quickly create unique content for your website or blog. With ASKtoAI, you can easily produce high-quality content without spending hours researching and writing.

The AI writing assistant analyzes the topic of your article and then generates relevant sentences that are both informative and interesting, you can even customize the output to match your desired style and voice. It also ensures that all sentences are written in a professional tone and with correct grammar. This makes it easier for you to publish quality content quickly.

With ASKtoAI, you can generate long blog articles in seconds without sacrificing quality. Get started today and see how easy it is to create engaging content for your website or blog!

AI writing tools are here to complement, not replace, writers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing programs are intended to supplement, not substitute, authors. AI-generated content is designed to support the work of authors by providing them with additional material that they can use in their own writing. AI-generated content can be used to add depth and detail to a story, or to create new stories altogether. It can also be used to provide background information on topics, or to explore complex concepts in an easily understandable way.

With the right AI writing program, authors can create unique and engaging content that stands out from the crowd. AI writing programs are intended to supplement, not substitute, authors, helping them create higher-quality content faster and more efficiently.

Writer's block will be just a bad memory

Writer's block can be one of the most frustrating experiences for anyone who is trying to write. Whether you're a professional writer, a student, or just someone who likes to write in their free time, facing a blank page can be daunting and disheartening. Fortunately, there is now an AI writing assistant that can help you overcome this obstacle: ASKtoAI.

ASKtoAI is a set of AI-powered tools that helps writers generate content quickly and easily. It takes your keywords and generates unique content, It also has different tone of voices and is capable of understanding complex topics. With ASKtoAI, you can produce quality content in no time at all.

The best part about using ASKtoAI is that it does not require any prior knowledge or experience , you simply enter your keywords and let the AI do the rest. The AI will take your keywords and generate content tailored to your needs. This means that you don't have to worry about writer's block ever again!

Writer's block will be just a bad memory - use ASKtoAI to create high-quality content quickly and easily.

Defeat writer's block and become an expert content writer with the help of ASKtoAI.
Discover the convenience of using an AI writer to quickly create blogs, articles, descriptions and any kind of text.
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How to create you SEO-optimized article using AI Writer?


Step 1: Select the Editorial Plan Ideas tool from the menu

ASKtoAI provides a variety of writing resources to suit your writing requirements. You can use the Editorial Plan Ideas to find the perfect title for your next article.


Step 2: Generate the title ideas inserting your keywords

ASKtoAI can generate AI written blogs without any pre-existing topic. Simply provide a concept or keyword and the Editorial Plan Ideas tool will provide a selection of blog topic ideas for you to pick from.

Choose the most suitable topic suggestion and press the "Set as title" button for it.


Step 3: Get your article sections and relevant keywords with the Article Structure Generator

With the Article Structure Generator tool you can get your article structure, with section titles and relevant keywords about each section, you don't need to put a title as it will be automatically filled from your article title chosen in the previous step.

You can simply insert the generated result in the editor clicking the "Insert" button at the bottom of the result.


Step 4: Use the Paragraph Generator tool to start expand each section

Now that you have generated your article structure you can start expanding each section, just select the section title and keyword from the editor, then from the toolbar that will open you need to select the "Paragraph Generator" tool.

The tool will appear on the right side with all the needed fields filled with your selected section and keywords, you may just need to set the tone of voice according to your needs then click on the "ASKtoAI" button to generate your first section.

After you will get the result you can click on the "Insert" button at the bottom and it will be automatically inserted in your document at the last cursor position.


Step 5: Repeat the step 4 for all the needed section

You can now repeat the previous step for all your article sections, at the end you will have your full blog article to review and download.

ASKtoAI Tools For Copywriters , essential tools to simplify and speed-up your article writing processes

Editorial Plan Ideas
What is Editorial Plan Ideas?

An editorial plan is a document that describes what topics you will cover on your blog and what channels to publish on. However, when it comes to ideas for an editorial, there is nothing worse than sitting there staring at a blank sheet of paper.

This is especially true if you have a blog and want to use it to publish original content on a regular basis.

This is a tool that helps you get great ideas for making your editorial plan. Getting the ideas is simple, just enter the instructions in the section given.

An editorial plan helps you keep the focus on the topics your readers are most interested in.

So once you have identified the topics and keywords you consider important for your blog, the editorial plan ideas tool will generate several headlines that can be great ideas for your editorial plan.

Remember, there is no perfect recipe for creating an editorial plan, but hopefully this tool will help you find inspiration to get started!

The more keywords you enter, the more the AI system will be able to understand and vary your editorial plan. In this way, the AI will be able to generate a list of topics for the articles you need to explore. It will also help with being consistent and original in your content.

For example, if you find that your readers are interested in a particular topic, you can identify the main keyword of this content and decide to publish multiple articles that cover the topic in different aspects thanks to this powerful tool.

Once you have identified the main keywords, enter them into the tool and simply click"AsktheAI."

First, being consistent in blog topics will help you gain visibility and search engine ranking advantages.

Original content is another important aspect to consider if you want your blog to be successful.

A wealth of ideas is another key factor in writing a successful editorial plan.

Finally, speed in writing the editorial plan is another important aspect to consider.

Article Structure Generator
What is the Article Structure Generator?

If you are looking for a tool to help you write quality articles, then the Article Structure Generator is definitely for you.

This is an automated tool that can help you create new content for any purpose whether you need content for your website, SEO, blog or school.

It helps you make a real step-by-step guide to writing an argument so you don't have to worry about anything except expressing your thoughts.

Simply enter the keyword or title of the article you want to write and the tool will provide the outline.

Choose the topic you want to cover, and this tool will provide you with an article structure guide in seconds.

The line guide is structured by a secondary title most commonly used in text to divide paragraphs and paragraphs with thematic insights.

It is a useful guideline to have a linear text structure and to make sure the article is well organized and coherent.

In addition, the guidelines are created to improve the stable ranking of the website in search engines and make it easier for users to find the information they need. You can communicate in other languages by using the language drop-down menu. This will allow you to choose from a variety of options for your communication.

Content that improves your text ranking

Make a guideline with unique content for your website that helps you get better search engine rankings.

Speed up your topic writing time.

The problem is that writing original articles takes time and can be difficult to do if you don't have the right ideas. That's where the Article Structure Generator comes in. It can help you create unique, high-quality content in minutes.

Increase user engagement

The content you generate will be in-depth in the various subsections and optimized to make users more likely to interact by feeling involved. More engagement means higher engagement, shares, and conversions.

You do not need to be an experienced writer or have any special technical skills: just follow the simple wizard and the tool will take care of automatically generating an accurate and professional structure for the desired article.

It can be used both to produce school texts, such as term papers or essays, and to produce personal texts, such as short stories or essays. In both cases, the tool can prove extremely useful for saving time and effort in writing texts.

Paragraph Generator
What is the Paragraph generator?

An AI content generator is software that uses artificial intelligence to create various types of content, for your website, for SEO, for blogging, for school or for university.

Paragraph generator is software that allows you to create text quickly and flexibly, with excellent results. The content is usually created with the help of a human assistant, providing the software with keywords, headings, paragraphs, sentences and other specific directions.

You can specify which words or phrases to use to get the desired text.

Paragraph generator is a tool that allows you to generate text content from scratch. It is an excellent tool for those who need to quickly generate a paragraph on a given topic, and to write it in a tight time frame.

The tool is also useful for those who need to generate content for their websites or blogs, as well as for students and professionals who need help in writing articles, term papers or reports.

First of all, the Text Generator works best when you provide a specific topic you want it to write about. More specifically, you should provide a bulleted list or keywords of what you want the text to cover. For example, if you want the text to talk about about vacations in Italy, you should provide a bulleted list of all the places you want the text to mention.

Once you have provided the topic, the text will do its best to generate unique content that does not repeat. Keep in mind that the Text Generator is not a substitute for a real writer, so don't expect the text to be perfect. You will still need to revise the text before publishing it on your website or blog.

There are some important things to keep in mind if you you want to use this tool effectively. When setting up an AI copywriting system, it is important to optimize the inputs to get the best results. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Insert paragraph title: Just like the title of the post, paragraph titles should also be clear and concise. They also need to be easy for readers to understand.

Instructions: these are the text content you want to cover. These directions can be phrases, main keywords, lists bulleted, and other directions that can be useful for the text to rework the text.

Indicate the language: choose a language easy for your readers to understand. If you are writing for a global audience, English is a good choice. However, if you are targeting a specific country or region, you may choose a different language.

How to speak to your audience: Depending on how you want to communicate with your users, the section allows you to choose first, second or third person.

Tone of writing: The tone of writing allows you to choose different tones you want to use with your audience for example, if you are talking about technical fields and you can use a tone that is professional.

After following these suggestions you just need to click the button to get the text you want.

By entering the right directions, it can be used in different situations, such as school texts, web texts, marketing texts and so on.

The main advantage in using the tool lies in the possibility of obtaining unique texts, without having to resort to professionals, copy and paste from other sites web or external sources, and adapts to any writing needs.

In addition, the text generator is easy to use: one click is all it takes to get professional and accurate text, so it can be used to speed up writing time. If you have a good idea of what you want to write, but are not sure how to put it together, the text generator can be a great tool.

Finally, it can be used to provide inspiration for new ideas. If you are feeling short on ideas, the text generator can be a great tool.

Text Rewriter
What is Text Rewriter?

Text Rewriter is a process of revising and editing text in order to improve quality. This is a tool that reformulates text and is based on artificial intelligence that offers reformulation of articles, sentences, essays, stories and other creations.

This tool finds the best options for reformulating text using AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) software and offers a variety of choices.

It is designed to reformulate sentences you need, change words, and rewrite articles. It does not alter the ideas present in the text but instead adds richness and freshness by providing unique content.

Text rewriting is therefore useful to make an article more readable, to improve style, or to adapt it to a different context. With this online tool you can quickly and easily get a new version of a text without having to worry about plagiarism.

When trying to rewrite a text, it is important to read it carefully and try to understand the main concepts and facts. It is essential to try to rewrite the meaning of the passage, expressing the parts that have been identified and are considered most important.

Using this online rewriting tool to reformulate textyou can get a plagiarism-free version, and you can rewrite as many articles as you want by simply pasting the text into the specified box and clicking the button.

This is a text reformulation that helps you rewrite your text in a way that makes it unique and free of grammatical errors. If you are not sure how to use it, here is a brief guide.

First, enter the text to be rewritten. You can do this by entering the text into the text field or by copying and pasting the text from a document.

After that, select the language in which you want to rewrite the text. Text reformulation supports several languages, including Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, etc.

Once you have selected the language, you can select the person with whom you want to rewrite the text.

This tool has several forms of writing, including first person singular, first person plural, second person singular, and third person singular. After that, enter the writing tone you want to use in rewriting the text, including professional, informal, friendly, and colloquial.

Once you have entered all the data, clicking the button will automatically generate the new text.

Check the content of the text to be entered to make sure it is accurate and consistent with your ideas.

Avoid vulgar. Although you may think they are harmless, vulgarisms give a negative impression in texts. Also, they may be offensive to some readers.

Avoid really long texts. Text should be concise and direct. You do not have to write pages and pages of text; just a few paragraphs are enough to convey the message. However, the maximum text you can enter is 2500 characters.

Double-check the result. Make sure you have performed all the previous steps before publishing the text. Once it is published, it will be much more difficult to correct any errors.

  1. Rewrite text more effectively with high quality content.

  2. Rewrite text with more words and a different tone.

  3. Helps improve written language.

  4. Analyzes text and compares it with a database of millions of documents.

  5. Helps avoid overly repetitive sentences by offering synonyms.

  6. Analyzes the text and proposes alternatives that maintain the original meaning.

  7. It offers only high-quality edits, even for long texts, maintaining clarity in the text.

  8. The context, the original idea and the new version is respected by fully conveying the original content.

  9. Guarantees human-level reformulation of text.

  10. Guarantees new content in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

AsktoAI is a website that provides users with tools that use AI to quickly solve a variety of tasks. The website was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who saw the potential of AI technology to help people with their everyday tasks. 

The website offers a variety of tools that can help with things like generating hashtags, facebook posts, business slogans. 

The team behind AsktoAI is constantly working on new ways to use AI to help people, and the website is constantly expanding its offerings. If you're looking for a way to use AI to make your life easier, AsktoAI is a great resource.

AsktoAI is a platform that offers AI-powered services to help you perform a wide range of tasks and activities. Here are some of the things AsktoAI can do for you:

  1. Answer questions: AsktoAI can provide quick and accurate answers to questions on various topics, such as facts, general information, advice, and guidance.
  2. Text generation: AsktoAI can assist you in creating content, such as articles, blogs, social media posts, and product descriptions, based on your specific inputs and requests.
  3. Research and synthesis: AsktoAI can conduct research and synthesize information on a wide range of topics, saving you time and energy in finding relevant information.
  4. Languages and translations: AsktoAI can understand and interact in different languages, offering the ability to translate texts and communicate with users speaking different languages.
  5. Creativity and brainstorming: AsktoAI can provide you with creative ideas and suggestions, ideal for brainstorming, project development, and innovative solutions.
  6. Decision-making support: AsktoAI can provide information and analysis to help you make informed and well-considered decisions more easily.
  7. Task automation: AsktoAI can automate a variety of tasks, such as email management, event planning, and creating reminders, making life more organized and efficient.
  8. Education and tutoring: AsktoAI can offer educational support and tutoring in a variety of subjects and skills, including explanations, resources, and advice to enhance your understanding and abilities.

It's important to note that the effectiveness and accuracy of the responses and activities carried out by AsktoAI depend on multiple factors, such as the quality of the inputs and the limitations of artificial intelligence. By using the platform effectively and providing appropriate inputs, AsktoAI can become a valuable tool for improving your productivity, creativity, and learning.

AsktoAI is a platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence models, such as GPT-3 and potentially GPT-4 when available, to offer a wide range of services and features to users. 

By integrating these powerful language models, AsktoAI is able to understand and generate responses based on users' queries in various contexts. 

When using AI chat, users may have options to choose between different model capacities and token limits depending on the platform's configurations. 

For other tools provided by the platform, the AsktoAI team selects and sets up the most suitable model to achieve the best results for each specific situation. This enables AsktoAI to provide users with high-quality, accurate, and efficient assistance in different domains and use-cases.

Yes, AsktoAI offers a free trial with 500 AI-Credits that can be used for all our tools.

The benefits of using AsktoAI include:

  1. Quick and accurate responses: With the use of advanced artificial intelligence models, AsktoAI can provide quick and accurate answers to a wide range of questions and requests.
  2. Wide range of applications: AsktoAI can assist in various areas, such as content creation, information research, text translation, brainstorming, and task automation.
  3. Multilingual support: AsktoAI is capable of understanding and interacting with users who speak different languages, facilitating international communication and translations.
  4. Efficiency and productivity: By utilizing AsktoAI to automate certain tasks and provide real-time assistance, you can improve efficiency and productivity in your daily activities.
  5. Accessibility: AsktoAI is designed to be easily accessible and usable by a wide variety of users, regardless of their technical expertise.
  6. Personalization: AsktoAI can be used for specific purposes based on user needs and preferences, making the platform adaptable to different situations.
  7. Continuous improvement: Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and user feedback, AsktoAI can continue to improve over time, delivering increasingly accurate and relevant results.

By using AsktoAI, users can leverage advanced artificial intelligence models to enhance their experience in various areas, obtain quick and accurate answers, and maximize their productivity.

AsktoAI offers a variety of useful services and applications for users, including:

  1. Content creation tools: These tools are designed to help users generate various types of text content, such as articles, product descriptions, social media posts, business slogans, and more. By utilizing AI, these tools can create tailored content according to users' needs.
  2. AI Editor app: The AI Editor app is an application that enables users to edit and refine their textual content with the assistance of artificial intelligence. It can suggest improvements in the text structure, provide ideas for expanding or deepening certain topics, and correct grammar and syntax errors.
  3. AI Chat app: The AI Chat app is an AI-based chat service that helps users get quick and accurate answers to their questions. It can be used to discuss various topics, solve problems, or provide suggestions and ideas. The AI Chat app is capable of interacting with users in different languages, facilitating international communication and translations.

These services offered by AsktoAI can support users in developing high-quality content, boosting efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

ASKtoAI supported all major languages.

Sometimes, the results provided by artificial intelligence models, like those used by AsktoAI, might be incorrect for various reasons:

  1. Model limitations: AI models, even if advanced, have limitations in understanding context and nuances of language, which can lead to incorrect or misleading answers.
  2. Language ambiguity: Human language is often ambiguous and can have multiple meanings. As a result, the AI might misinterpret user intentions and provide unsuitable results.
  3. Inaccurate information in training: AI models are trained on large amounts of text data, and sometimes these sources can include incorrect, outdated, or misleading information. Therefore, AI might rely on wrong information while generating answers.
  4. Unclear questions and input: If the question or context provided by the user isn't clear or specific, AI can struggle to correctly interpret the request and produce appropriate results.

To obtain better results, it is advisable to formulate clear and detailed questions and, if necessary, provide more context or information about the situation. If the results provided are unsatisfactory, you can repeat the question or further clarify your intent to obtain a more accurate answer.

Providing the right inputs to the AI system is crucial for obtaining accurate and relevant responses. Here are some tips for providing appropriate inputs to the AI system:

  1. Be specific and clear: When asking a question or requesting information, try to be as specific and clear as possible. This helps the AI better understand your request and provide a suitable response.
  2. Context: Provide all relevant information and necessary context for your question. This may include details about a specific topic, a company, or a project. Adding this information can improve the quality of the AI's responses.
  3. Order of information: Present the information in a logical and coherent order. Organizing the inputs can help the AI accurately understand the context and relationships between the different parts of the input.
  4. Use keywords: Utilize relevant keywords when formulating questions or requests. This helps the AI quickly and accurately identify the subject and nature of the information requested.
  5. Avoid ambiguity: Frame questions and requests to avoid ambiguity or multiple interpretations. In the case of complex or multi-part questions, break them down into smaller, simpler inquiries.
  6. Appropriate language and terminology: Use appropriate language and specific terminology related to the topic or request. This helps the AI recognize the subject and provides a basis for a more accurate response.
  7. Review and verify: Before submitting an input to the AI, review and check that it is complete, clear, and free of errors. A well-written input can significantly improve the quality of the responses you receive from the AI.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to provide effective and appropriate inputs to the AI system, thereby improving the quality and relevance of the responses you receive.

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